Importance of GIS in urbanization

The need for better city planning countries is required to be developed as the world is progressively moving towards urbanization, however, the effective urban planning becoming more complex day by day. It is because of infrastructure of past which were created a long years ago but in a less focused now. Today urban planning is only in focused.

GIS is found an effective tool to applying to a various array of problems this consist of addressing problems which are based on data structure and simple or complex analytical models alike. GIS is helpful for monitoring an area for a specific purpose, such as helping in suitable place or location for constructing dam or bridge or even at smaller level such as hospitals, schools can construct easily with help of GIS. GIS is found an effective, analytical and modeling tool for urban planning areas where different design and alternative plans are required, the use of GIS is supplementary tool to produce or develop better results.

Author: Amna khan

Co-Author Rabail Urooj


Amna Khan

My name is Amna and I am a student of BS in Environmental science 5th semester of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University